“Thank you very much for the workshop on grant opportunities in the Humanities. Although art historians customarily don’t apply for the kinds of grants that you were talking about, the second part of the workshop about how to frame a project to appeal to potential funders was an eye opener. You made me realize that I need to rethink the presentation of my research interests, and to look harder for connections to other research areas, in order to access a broader range of opportunities. You have given me much food for thought. Thank you!”

Aileen June Wang, Behrend College, Penn State University (Erie), Art History


“Alan really sharpened my recent National Science Foundation proposal, helping me get it funded. For instance, I struggled to highlight how our research improved upon competing techniques without potentially offending the developers of those techniques who were likely to review my proposal. Alan taught me some great strategies for handling those sticky issues while maintaining a persuasive argument for why our work should be funded. Alan also did a nice job spotting the little logical gaps and missing reader “sign posts” in my proposal, ultimately making it more readable for non-experts. In an era of tight federal funding, these little things can make all the difference!”

Greg Beran, UC Riverside, Chemistry


“I really loved the workshop. Your expert advice is where the gold is. Thanks again for teaching us the ways of the grant writing world. It feels good to know how we can make a difference!”

Beth Giuffre, Merit Educational Publishing


“Your workshop is one of the best I’ve ever attended–informative, engaging and interesting but most of all, pertinent and useful! I think your storytelling skills served you well as hearing the personal anecdotes helped all of us connect to the real world and how it might apply to our own individual circumstances.”

Tammy Lau, California State University, Fresno, Library


“The very best funding proposal/grant writing workshop I have ever attended. Absolutely the very best…”

Rebecca Manna, Kalispell Regional Medical Center


“I really enjoyed my time in your class. Not only do I feel more prepared in my role here at SAAF because of what I learned from you, but I also gained a renewed enthusiasm for the work I do. I appreciate your offer of support and look forward to contacting you in the future.”

Sarice Greenstein, San Antonio AIDS Foundation


“The proposal workshop you recently presented at Concordia, Irvine was far and away the best I’ve ever attended. I say this as a veteran proposal writer (35+ years) who has attended many proposal workshops and who has written many successful proposals over the decades, including a $250,000 proposal funded this past week. Please know that I appreciated your wisdom and insight.”

John Kenney


“I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction and the instructor. For the most part, he tailored the program for his Canadian audience. He brought in personal examples which highlighted what we were learning and made the class very interesting. The diverse backgrounds of the participants also enhanced our opportunities to learn from each other.”

Alice Maitland, Vancouver, BC


“Alan presents information in a manner that is understandable and applicable to the real work world. He promoted good conversation in a manner that everyone was able to learn about grant writing strategies regardless of their experience level.”

Jolene Bell Makowesky, Vancouver, British Columbia


“The workshop was fantastic. I learned so much and feel better equipped for the proposal-writing process. Alan Paul was a great facilitator and kept us on track! Most facilitators I have seen have a hard time cutting off those who take the group off track, but Alan was excellent in this, a very great trait for a facilitator!”

Vu Hoang, City of San Jose, CA

Alan Paul’s USAID Trip to Pakistan

ASU Proposal Writing Training Highlights from Tara Seaton on Vimeo.