(by program focus)

Market Research

Analyzed trends in key manufacturing industries in Metropolitan Los Angeles for a commercial and industrial real estate firm (name withheld). The firm used the information to identify development opportunities and support their brokerage activities.

Developed Geographic Information Systems for Sizzler Restaurants International. The company used the market information to decide where to locate new restaurants and to offer lease terms.

Business Planning

Wrote the business plan that created Jewish Hospice Project LA. Based on our plan and coaching, the founders implemented a successful annual giving campaign and raised $150,000 from a venture philanthropy group.

Strategic Planning

Led a strategic planning team and wrote proposals to fund the creation of Limmud LA, an informal education organization. Wrote proposals that raised $400k and advised the organization as a Board member.

Litigation Support

Compiled census and demographic data on employment patterns for use in equal employment opportunity litigation for law firm (name withheld).

Organizational Development

Designed and facilitated workshops to overcome cultural and political divisions at Inglewood Unified School District. Board members and staff were able to reorganize and implement new policies.


Managed the “sunset review” for UCLA’s Brain Research Institute: designed and implemented surveys and focus groups, conducted financial analyses, summarized scientific and educational achievements and goals, made strategic and operational recommendations and drafted the final document. The Institute was authorized to continue operations for 15 years.

Work Process Design

Redesigned US Air Force work processes and trained personnel analysts and mid-level officers from every base in the world to implement them. USAF rectified operational flaws and was able to comply with GAO’s directive to privatize non-military activities

Center Grants

Wrote proposals to the US Department of Education to fund a Language Resource Center and a Center for International Business Education and Research at UCLA. The awards totaled more than $3 million for 12 years.

Policy Studies

Researched the needs of advanced transportation industries for the California Council on Science and Technology. The report on the skills needed to accelerate industrial development was used to design training programs.

Writing Workshops: Proposal Writing and Editing

At UC Riverside, worked with faculty and student across the science disciplines to improve their research, education and fellowship proposals. Our success rate for proposals to highly competitive federal funders is approximately 50%.

Trained more than 2000 people how to do funder research and proposal writing in both open enrollment and custom programs.