Giant Angstrom Partners started in Riverside, California in 1977 as a news clipping and monitoring service. We evolved into a custom research firm, providing intelligence about consumer product, real estate, and labor markets.

In the 1990s, we integrated forward from research and analysis into project planning and implementation. In 2000, we created our first contract training program – a customized workshop for US Air Force managers. Training and coaching are now a major segment of our business, and many of our clients learn about us by attending one of our open-enrollment workshops. Since 2004, we’ve taught more than 4000 people from more than 1000 organizations in 30 states.

We have decades of experience in training, management consulting, environmental and regional planning, policy and market research, and economic and financial analysis. We’re generalists who address problems from multiple angles to find pragmatic solutions.

You may ask, “Why the Angstrom?” …

We do the little things that make you BIG.