The Writing Academy’s overarching goal is for you to have your proposal in hand two weeks before the due date.

Along the way, you will also:

  • develop strategy and skills for writing any type of proposal
  • learn grantsmanship as it applies at the leading Federal funders
  • meet colleagues from other colleges and disciplines.

At the first session, we’ll set the times for the remaining sessions.

Each session begins with presentations on general proposal strategy & tactics; followed by a discussion of granstmanship for the funders that participants are approaching; and then a writing exercise. The remainder of the time is spent discussing your writing assignments.

The homework writing assignments include outlines, sections, and vital elements of your final proposal. Assignments are due three days in advance of the next meeting so everyone has a chance to review them for discussion. There is an evaluation rubric for each assignment that reflects the funders’ review criteria.

Click here to see the Writing Academy Syllabus.

The next session begins in November — especially for people who intend to submit proposals in late January and February.  This includes:

  • most proposals to NIH
  • proposals to NEH programs for digital humanities and summer seminars & institutes
  • proposals in many NSF disciplines (e.g., Environmental Biology, Oceanography, Engineering, Science and Technology Studies, Cognitive Neuroscience, etc.)

To avoid conflicts of interest, we accept only one person per discipline in each Academy.  Participants also sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect each other’s intellectual property.