Alan and Michele teach monthly workshops on strategies and best practice for proposal development. We cover

  • finding the right funders;
  • designing excellent programs that fit your capacity; and
  • motivating support and money.

We’ve taught these workshops all over the USA and Canada — up and down the Pacific Coast (San Diego to Anchorage!) and across the Intermountain West (Tucson to Edmonton!). We travel east less often, but last year found us in AL, WV, IL, MA, and MN. We’re equipped for webinars, but we’re both trained as geographers and we’d like to visit your town!

We offer the workshops in both open enrollment and custom formats.

Two-day workshop syllabus.

Three-day workshop syllabus.

Open enrollment is offered through the Institute for Strategic Program Development (ISFD). They offer more than 50 workshops (two-day and three-day) each year — we teach about 15 of these.

Our custom format is flexible — we can teach all or part of the syllabus, or add writer’s workshops, individual and group coaching, or other elements. Email for more info and references.