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Proposal Development Academy

The Academy goes far beyond the typical workshop or boot camp. It consists of 28 hours of instruction in seven sessions spread over three months, plus four hours of individual coaching and consultation. Participants will develop a strategic perspective on proposal development, learn techniques to increase their success rates, gain the confidence to work independently, and have a competitive proposal in hand at the end of the course.

Each session contains three learning modules:

Proposal strategy;
Funder alignment;
Writing improvement.
Each also includes a writing or research assignment for which participants compile and discuss the material they’ll need for their proposals. The instructor personally reviews and comments on all the assignments and participants analyze and critique each other’s work.

The Academy is a major investment in faculty and staff development. It’s designed not only to help them obtain funding, but also to reduce their need for central office support in the future.

The Academy is customized to your organization’s culture and needs. Plans are in the works for an open-enrollment format for individuals from multiple institutions.

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Preparation for Major Team Science Projects

We’re expanding training we’ve done in the past into two programs. If you want to participate in an open-enrollment session or offer it to a cohort on your campus, contact us directly.

Ideation for Team Science and Center Projects

We use an appreciative inquiry approach to define project goals, create team unity, and build commitment to the shared project. This 4-day program is now offered as a virtual session that uses several forms of interactive technology.

Team Science Center Design and Management

This is a multi-session training program designed for leaders planning to apply for such programs as NIH P50s, NSF ERC and STC, NASA ICAN, etc. We train PIs how to design these projects before they invite co-investigators and make budgetary promises! Three full-day highly interactive sessions combine lectures, exercises, and simulations.

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Strategic Proposal Development

(two-day workshop)

You’ll acquire a strategic perspective and develop practical skills in a two-day workshop that meets the needs of three audiences:

junior faculty developing their pre-tenure research agenda;
newly appointed center or institute directors making strategic changes; and
senior staff responsible for student support, training, and outreach programs.
We introduce two rubrics to help you win grants, contracts, and gifts:

The “Program Design Triangle” helps you find the right funders, align your narrative to their goals, and devise a realistic work plan. You’ll also learn how to manage the entire fund-seeking process, interact with program officers, and coordinate with your campus research administration and advancement offices.
The “Storytelling Pentagon” uses narrative theory to craft documents that are not only persuasive, but compelling. You’ll learn to construct storyboards and polish your writing so reviewers can’t miss the elements most important to the funding decision.
This course is currently offered only on a custom basis.

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Write for the Review

(half-day tutorial)

The focus is on persuasion—how to convince reviewers to fund your proposal.

You’ll learn to use storyboards to address the review criteria; manipulate space and typography to maximum advantage; and deploy figures, tables, and graphs to control how reviewers read your work.

We’ll show you five ways to hone and polish your language—to remove needless complexity so the important points stand out. And you’ll learn six principles to vaccinate yourself against misinterpretation.

We also cover reviewer psychology and share techniques to capture the attention of three different types of reviewers.

This is a practical workshop with exercises and peer editing of your proposals.

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