The goal is simple: raise money to deliver programs. But it can get hard because of all the moving parts! You have to find the right funder and tell the best story—we can set you on that course with our proposal services. You may be past that, and just need some editing and review—we’ll do it. Or you may lack capacity and need someone to manage the process, or even write the whole proposal—call us.

We’ve won, and helped our clients win, awards for research, education, health and social services, policy studies, conferences, and fellowships. In the academic world, we’ve written and coached winning proposals in the physical, life, and social sciences, and the humanities. For non-profit organizations, we’ve helped win awards for overhead, service delivery, and scholarships.

We can help in five ways:

 Strategic Positioning

We’ll put you into the arenas where you’ll be most competitive. That means finding funders and programs that fit your goals, gathering intelligence about what they want in a proposal, and assessing how much money they’re likely to provide. We’ll help identify your likely competitors and collaborators — so you’ll know how to beat them or when to join them.

 Proposal Storyboards

We provide recipes for persuasive proposals — storyboards to guide both program design and document presentation. We help craft the right message, and advise on how to frame it in your proposal format. We’ll help you pick the right language and terminology, and keep you on point.


We’ll polish your prose so that it’s shorter and more readable–so you can say more and say it more clearly. We’ll advise on how to use figures and tables for maximum impact, and how to use headings to control how the reviewers see your message. We are brilliant wordsmiths.

 Proposal Reviews and Critique

We can give you informal suggestions to improve your proposal, or serve as a formal Red Team that alerts you to critical flaws. If you’re resubmitting a proposal, let us provide perspective on the reviews.

Proposal Writing

If you don’t have the time or capacity to write the proposal, we can deliver all or part of it. Do you need an evaluation plan, a management plan, or even a complete draft? Contact us for details.

Funder Search 

Are you having trouble identifying potential funders for your proposal? Not sure where to look for funding? We can provide links, a digest of strategy, list of recipients, and recommendations for approaching them. Read more here.

Consulting services
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