General Discussion of How to handle consulations.

This is a model consultation for a student who has a complete draft — what the guide calls the “third consultation.”

I took his draft, annotated it with color coding, and did my analysis of which plot to use and how to get him back onto the storyboard. This is actually the students 5th draft!  The biggest problem is that he never completed the Brainsteering worksheet– as a result, he lacks compelling events and his plot is undeveloped and doesn’t continue through the narrative.

Nonetheless, it’s still possible to fix things at this stage. This consultation took about an hour of prep for me and 30 minutes in conversation.  If he would have brought a complete Brainsteering worksheet to the first consultation, we would then have chosen a plot and got him to follow the storyboard.  This third consultation would then have taken about 15 minutes for analysis and 15 minutes in conversation..

This is a model research plan consultation

How to download essays and worksheets for consultations

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