The first three stations on our roadmap are open so you can see how the course works.  Start each step with the tutorial — it explains your tasks and contains links to download tipsheets and worksheets and view the videos.

  1. How to use the course

It  takes about 40 hours (on the clock) to develop a competitive application from scratch.  The course is self-paced, so you can compress or stretch the calendar to fit your schedule. 

Each step starts with a tutorial which includes links to tipsheets, worksheets, and videos when they’re needed. (You can also download those by clicking the materials and videos icons.)  The materials and videos open in new tabs. 

The little clocks show how much time is needed to complete each step – that includes time spent doing the tutorials, reading the tipsheets, watching the videos, and filling in worksheets.

We recommend you do the program in order, but you can jump ahead on certain steps (for example, while you’re waiting for to meet with your advisor.)

  1. Get more help

When you register, you’ll get a schedule of online offices hours so you can ask any specific questions in real time – or, you can email general questions to [email protected].

There’s an optional Writer’s Room at Step 11 – this is a live webinar to help edit and polish your language.  You’ll get some instruction and work in small peer-editing groups to turbocharge your essays.  If you want personalized help – coaching or editing – we’re available for that too.  We’ll give you details about both options later in the course.

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