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In this course you will polish your draft to make it easy to read, and get answers to any lingering questions. We recommend that everyone complete the “Polish Your Writing” tutorial once it comes time to do a final edit of your essays.

Use the rest of the resources below cafeteria-style to get help when you need it.

After you polish your essays, it’s time to submit! NSF uses FastLane for submission. You can create an account here. You will have to answer several additional questions in FastLane (e.g. personal info, school info, demographic info, etc.), so don’t leave submitting for the last minute. You can find deadlines here.

Your letter writers’ deadline is after yours (see the deadlines link above), so your very last task is to send a polite reminder a week or so before the letter deadline. You can see if they have uploaded their letters by clicking “Check Application Package Status” in FastLane.