Getting Started: At the bottom of the page you will find 3 lessons. Click the first one, “Get an Overview of the GRF Program.”

Welcome to Giant Angstrom’s program to help you win an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

You’ll learn to produce a memorable and compelling application. There are 4 courses. This one will orient you. Course #2 guides you through producing a compelling personal statement, and Course #3 does the same for your research plan. In Course #4, you will polish your essays for readability and impact, and you will find additional resources.

You have to complete the lessons in this course (in order) before you can move on. Subsequent courses allow you to do lessons in any order, although we will make recommendations in each course’s instructions. At the end of Course #2 and #3 you will find quizzes that ask you to submit your worksheets and essay drafts. You will find instructions about when to submit, and we will use your submissions during office hours and consultations.

The lessons for the first course are listed below: click on the first one to begin. You’re going to learn:

  • what the NSF looks for when awarding fellowships;
  • why storytelling techniques will make you more competitive; and
  • how to navigate the programs courses and lessons.