Do you need an operations or project plan? A roadmap for the whole organization or fundraising campaign? We support enterprise planning at all levels — from comprehensive planning to background research. If you just need some help putting the finishing touches on a project, we can provide the supporting elements to take your work to the next level.

Strategic Plans

We can provide background research about opportunities and threats, facilitate planning meetings, and manage your process. We can compile the data and produce reports to support your discussions.

Business Plans

We can develop full business plans — your roadmap for development. We’ll assess your collaborators and competitors, and discover outlets for your work. We can estimate potential revenues and lay out your operational plan. We can even train your staff to implement plans themselves. If you already have your task in hand and just need some background research, call us.

Funding Plans

How much help do you need? We can develop complete fundraising campaigns, write proposals, or just provide background research. We can identify organizations and individuals that are likely to support you, outline ways to capture their attention, and create messages that motivate them to begin funding.