Funders want to know that their money is producing results. More than ever, your evaluation plan determines whether the proposal is funded or not.

Evaluation is like eating broccoli — just because you mother tells you to do it doesn’t mean you don’t benefit. A good evaluation not only satisfies your reporting requirements, it also improves your program performance.

We can provide full evaluation services, or design a plan for you to implement. If you choose to do the implementation, we can train and coach you to do that. We can handle specialized tasks, like facilitating focus groups, or provide an outsiders perspective when that’s required. Many funders prefer that external evaluators write your reports — and where they don’t, we can edit and polish your work.

Ideally, we start working with you from the start of proposal development — and stick with you throughout the project life cycle so you can use the evaluation to improve your program. Contact us as soon as you know your proposal will require a formal evaluation!

Doreen Mattingly leads our evaluation consulting. She’s evaluated government, university, and NGO programs for almost 20 years. She can design a robust evaluation tailored to your organization and program goals and the funder’s requirements.