Sometimes a little piece of the puzzle makes a big difference, and you need help planning, designing, or evaluating a project. Every dollar counts when you’re short on resources, so we’ll customize the engagement to provide exactly what’s missing. We provide a unique consulting approach. Because we involve you at every step, you get more than our work product—you get perspective that lets you implement what you’ve learned for future projects.

We have decades of experience in education, research, outreach, and service delivery. We’ve worked with organizations in the government, K-12 and higher ed, non-profit and for-profit sectors — providing Planning, Design and Evaluation services.


We can deliver turnkey projects that track all the way from strategic planning through work process design to staff training. We can help find funders and convince them to invest in you.

We can work for you, or with you. Let us give you project tasks and we’ll teach you how to complete them and coach you through it. It costs you less and you build a foundation for excellence.

Our consulting services include:
1. Planning and Research; and
2. Program Design and Evaluation