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We can:

  • analyze program announcements, calls for proposals, and other information so you can align with sponsors’ goals, requirements, and review criteria
  • develop letters of intent, proposal storyboards, and supporting materials to help you compete effectively
  • edit for clarity and impact, or put multiple writers’ contributions into a single voice
  • draft sections or complete documents for you

Tailor these consulting and writing services to your goals and budget.

We can provide full service or design the project and coach you to do it yourself.

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Our Approach

Our training is designed for adult learners – we link abstract concepts to your concrete challenges, explain and model processes to analyze problems, and provide rubrics to implement solutions. In-person workshops are lively, online webinars are designed with e-learning best practice in mind.

Our services are highly customized to your needs. If you’re pressed for time or lack capacity, we can deliver turnkey projects from strategic planning through work process design to staff training. If you want to save money or build capacity, we can design and manage the project and train or coach you to execute some or all of the tasks.

We have decades of experience in education, research, outreach, and service delivery. We’ve worked with organizations in the higher education, public schools, government, non-profit, and for-profit sectors.  We do the little things that make you BIG

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