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Why Don’t Superstars Always Win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships?

Why don’t superstars always win? All the GRFP advice I’ve found is pretty straightforward: (1) compile the information that demonstrates you’re already awesome; (2) outline a clear career plan that shows you’ll continue being awesome; and (3) demonstrate a commitment to service which extends your awesomeness. Done. But you still didn’t [...]

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How to Write a Great Title for Your Research Project

START BY TELLING THEM WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO GET, NOT WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO. A great proposal addresses the reviewer’s need. A great title highlights your solution to that need. Emphasize the results, not the activities.Here's a good technique for writing a great title: Make a list of words in your proposal that are important. [...]

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How to Choose the “Field of Study” for the GRFP Application

The NSF is divided into broad directorates like Biological Science, Engineering,Social/Behavioral/Economics Science, etc. These are divided into divisions, which are further subdivided into programs or fields of study. For example, the Math and Physical Science directorate includes divisions of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc. Within the Chemistry Division are programs in Chemical Catalysis, Chemical Synthesis, etc. The Appendix to [...]

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